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Support Local Businesses and Organizations with the Pay It Forward Maine Initiative

As Maine business owners and their employees weather this unprecedented pandemic, the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce is partnering with several organizations in our state to launch a campaign to support our community: Pay It Forward Maine.  

Pay It Forward Maine asks individuals, businesses and organizations to continue supporting local businesses and their employees in our new world of closed storefronts and social distancing. This could be your favorite sandwich shop, your local coffee haunt, your beloved caterer, your hotel conference host, your trusted hair salon. It could be your “usual” restaurant or taproom where you know the servers by name. Maybe it’s your favorite bookstore, live music venue, museum, or theater. It’s also your service providers: Housecleaners, pet sitters, daycares, and of course the medical and emergency personnel who have been on the front lines. 

They have been there for you through thick and thin. Now it’s time for us to all come together to return their service and support, however we can. This is a difficult time for us all. Let’s collectively help each other to the other side of this crisis!

Please see below for ideas on how YOU can get involved and a Pay It Forward toolkit with logos and other marketing materials. Download the Pay It Forward press release HERE and here. 

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